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Need a new website? Perhaps a new logo or brochure? Whatever your requirement, we’d be happy to help create a complete marketing campaign. We’re Zulu. A Birmingham Design Agency.

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Every idea and concept has a time and a place. Every success must have something to be measured against. Every journey needs a starting point, a guide and a destination.

Since the 19th Century, travellers, explorers and adventurers have relied on one fixed starting point, the Prime Meridian. It is the reliable fixed point of time reference for the beginning and end of each journey. Every computer clock in the world is measured against it.

Every journey on our planet is measured against this one point. And, somewhat poetically, it is measured from midnight, the start of each new day.

The Prime Meridian is often referred to as GMT, but since 1950 those that navigate through Air, Sea and even Space refer to this reference point by a different name...

...they call it “ZULU”.

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We’re a creative bunch. Here’s what we do.


Our team is built around marketing expertise in both online (SEO, social media or email) and offline (advertising, graphic design or consultancy) environments.


We’ve a reputation for creating highly effective brands and marketing collateral, which sets our clients apart from the competition.


Companies operating in today’s markets are expected to have a website. We create websites and promote them through SEO, social media and email marketing.

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"This is the best marketing agency I have ever worked with and would recommend them to anyone. "
Lindsey Stubbins - Communications Officer

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